"Now and then, though someone does begin to grow differently. Instead of down, his feet grow up toward the sky. But we do our best to discourage awkward things like that."
"What happens to them?" Insisted Milo.
"Oddly enough, they often grow ten times the size of everyone else," said Alec thoughtfully, "And I've heard that they walk among the stars."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5/19-5/20 Torres and Fathers day

Had an awesome weekend!!!

June 19 was Fathers Day got to enjoy the sunday with my Dad at my Papa's house in Daly City. We had Mandalay Chicken and Beef Curry and Balada EVERYTHING was delicious. It was fun to see my family and hang out.


Great day!! woke up early and headed out to the city to see Andres Torres a San Francisco GIANT!!!

Torres who last season hit 23 home runs, Batted in over 100 runs and stole over 40 bases was meeting fans in downtown SF. When Tom heard he was going to be there we knew we had to go see him.

Tom,  Ashley and I got to shake hands with the World Series Champion and get autographs with him it was really awesome.

I had a minor spazzattack at being so close to an actual GIANT lol I think he thought I was a little strange as I couldn't utter a coherent sentence when it was my turn to meet him and shake hands. He signed my world series hat. It was pretty kick ass.

after getting the signatures we went to Red Java house awesome day :)

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