"Now and then, though someone does begin to grow differently. Instead of down, his feet grow up toward the sky. But we do our best to discourage awkward things like that."
"What happens to them?" Insisted Milo.
"Oddly enough, they often grow ten times the size of everyone else," said Alec thoughtfully, "And I've heard that they walk among the stars."

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Today I got to hang out with Toms family, it was fun to have a relaxing day and just hang out with Tommy and I look forward to his days off with me this week.

Also I have developed a new weird habit, at Walgreens the other day I bought a bottle of nail polish that claimed to smell like mangoes when dried on the nails. I was pretty Skeptical about this, but I bought it anyways and surprisingly  enough it does smell really nice, not exactly mangoes but more like Fruit Stripe gum, its pretty cool. The downside however is that I look crazy sniffing my fingertips all the time. LOL I don't even realize I am  doing it half the time until I get the "WTF?" look from a stranger.

The Giants won today although it was a pretty intense game when the A's tied the game up and then pulled ahead. We managed the win however 5-4. It was great to have the Giants Sweep the series since I didn't want to hear anything from my A's Fans friends.

Looking forward to the Giants games we have in June. Although I am a huge Tim Lincecum Fan I have never had the pleasure of seeing him pitch while I was at an actual game. Tom and I are in a season ticket holder group and I'm hoping one of the game we got will be a Happy Timmy Pitching day :)


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