"Now and then, though someone does begin to grow differently. Instead of down, his feet grow up toward the sky. But we do our best to discourage awkward things like that."
"What happens to them?" Insisted Milo.
"Oddly enough, they often grow ten times the size of everyone else," said Alec thoughtfully, "And I've heard that they walk among the stars."

Monday, May 16, 2011

Moday 5/16

Every once in a while I will be bitten by a bug (lets call him Caterpie) and for a week or two I will be absolutly and completely obsessed with my Pokemon, and its happening now. I was given Pokemon Black for my anniversary by Tom and I started to play and I have to  admit I can't stop.
Pokemon Black is AWESOME, the graphics, mysteries, battles and gyms are better than any other version that has come out.

I know I sound like a total nerd and yeah I probably am but I can't help it!

Today was a good day! Spent most of it with Tommy, we got to sleep in late and after the exhausting day we had before today it was much appreciated.

There is a great place in Walnut Creek on Locust St. called Crepes Oh La La (silly I know) but they have the best Crepes and they are inexpensive as well, Tom and I went today. I got my favorite Crepe Feta cheese, Spinache and Egg (SOOO GOOOD!!)

After Crepes we went to Barnes and Nobles and read books we couldn't afford in the Cafe while drinking Ice tea. It was relaxing and fun. After seeing all the books we could not afford at Barnes and Nobles, we decided to head to half price books a bookstore more in our price range.

I got a couple of books and am excited to have new stuff to read!!! What was even better was that it started to rain!

The only black mark on the day was that the Giants lost 7 to 4 it  was a torturous game. However I am hopeful as always that they will take it back tomorrow. Timmy was off  but he is still awesome. And I think his hair looked pretty nice.


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